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Chemvelon India Pvt. Ltd. Is established to provide state of art application services to the construction and infrastructure projects in India and abroad. CIPL is formed through acquisition of M/s Siddhi Engineers who are the pioneers in executing large waterproofing and insulation contracts.

Our range of services include waterproofing and insulation for buildings, metro stations, caverns, tunnels, various floorings including epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, polyaspartic floorings, epoxy terrazzo flooring and different types of insulation systems including polyurethane foam, poly-isocyanurates (PIR), extruder polystyrenes, tapered insulations, cover boards and TPO based membranes.

Our vision is to create structures which are free from leak and heat.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the manufacturers and end customers by providing the right system of waterproofing and insulations through the range of products and through execution excellence.

To become best place to work for our employees.

Maintaining integrity in all out transactions with customers, staff and over all internal management.


We offer the right product to the client with correct methodology of application, by making use of our versatile product range and vast experience. We maintain a team of highly skilled engineers and applicators who got hands on training in various waterproofing and insulation products and systems including spray applied polyurethane foams, pure and hybrid polyurea systems, single component and two component polyurethane systems and in various applicators for substructure waterproofing varying from APP & SBS modified membranes through PVC and EPDM membranes and weldable grade & high adhesive grade HDPE membranes.

We believe waterproofing is always an applicators job, hence, it is important to emphasize the criticality of application in waterproofing. We can also provide solutions for concrete solutions for both old and new construction including structural repairs, rehabilitation, restoration and providing turnkey solutions for the structures through our design team. We have expertise in structural strengthening delete begin and in providing various grouting systems meeting like epoxy injection grouting, polyacrylic injection grouting, polyurethane foam injection, polyester injections and crystallization injections.

Today Chemvelon India Pvt.  Ldt., is a name closely associated with waterproofing and insulation industry in India, contributing in creating energy efficient and water tight green buildings with corporate office at Bangalore and branches at Kochi, Chennai and Hyderabad.

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We maintain an inhouse design team who are happy to work with clients incorporating the right system of waterproofing enabling the construction community to ensure the right incorporation of systems for a full proof water proofing and insulation experience. All our technicians are trained by eminent experts in the industry and are certified according to their skill of application which are evaluated during various intervals through multiple assignments and the grades are decided according to their skill level ensuring deployment of the right team for the execution.


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